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Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois

Get Involved

How Can I get Involved?

Students at the University of Illinois have the opportunity to work under in the LASSI laboratory. In exchange for lab work, students are able to gain college credit as one of three courses. Contact Professor Lembeck with questions about joining our cubesat development team.

ENG 491 (0-3 Credit Hours)

For Fall 2019, ENG 491 occurs from 8:30am to 9:50am on Tuesday and Thursday. This course is typically designed for upperclassmen with experience in the lab already and participating in continuing projects with mission development, however exceptions can be made based on standing and scheduling conflicts. Please see Dr. Lembeck with any questions.

AE 497 (0-3 Credit Hours)

For scheduling conflicts for the above options, or for graduate students, involvement in the lab can also be achieved by registering for Dr. Lembeck's section of AE 497. If this option fits with your standing and schedule, please see Dr. Lembeck to discuss getting involved this way. This independent study is a great way to get involved even if you cannot attend ENG 491 meetings.

AE 498: Introduction to Human Spaceflight

Taught by Professor Michael Lembeck, AE 498 is an introduction to all things human spaceflight. Human spaceflight covers all things involving maintaining human living conditions in a space environment. Learn about mission planning, life support systems, the history of human spaceflight, and more! 

AE 442/443: Spacecraft Design

For seniors in aerospace engineering, AE 442 and AE 433 are UIUC's spacecraft design courses. In this course you will learn critical industry skills to prepare yourself for a career in spacecraft design. In this course you will also be given the opportunity to design a satellite mission in coordination with other students.