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Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois

SEAQUE Starts its Journey to ISS

The Space Entanglement and Annealing QUantum Experiment (SEAQUE) left the safe confines of LASSI this morning and started on its journey to the International Space Station via Houston. The payload will be integrated to the Aegis MISSE platform and eventually handed over to cargo mission systems for delivery to the launch service provider, SpaceX, at KSC for launch in September.  SEAQUE has been a tremendous collaboration between JPL, Illinois Physics, Illinois Aerospace, U Waterloo, National U of Singapore, AdvR, and Boeing. 

The payload will remain attached to the ISS for the duration of its one year mission. It will demonstrate equipment and processes that may one day be used in future space-based quantum applications. 

Several students participated in the development of SEAQUE. Liam Ramsey must be commended for his tireless dedication to getting the software ready to fly in spite of numerous hardware and schedule challenges.  Kelsey Ortiz and Spencer Johnson performed some quantum gymnastics in getting the hardware in shape. Rick Eason and Ben Ochs oversaw the integration and test of the payload. To them, and the many more who contributed at the partner universities: JOB WELL DONE!

The project PI's, Paul Kwiat, Thomas Jennewein, Alex Ling, and Makan Mohageg also get a special mention. You could not ask for a finer group of people to make this journey with. 

On to space!