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Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois

Vertically Landed Rocket Project Progressing

An intrepid team of students lead by Courtney Trom and David Gable are rapidly approaching completion of the first phase of prototype testing of a vertically landed rocket for an upcoming STEM competition. Aided by drone pilot, Professor Jason Merret, the team drop tested several test articles to determine the stability of their design. A software test also successfully demonstrated the capability of the avionics to walk through its modes, controlling the rocket on its descent from 0ver 20 m to the ground. Qi Lim and James Helmich also assisted in preparing each article for testing. A test of the landing gear, dropped from a height of 23m, amazingly came through unscathed, even without the benefit of a planned decelerating model rocket motor. The full up powered test is planned in the next couple of weeks.