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Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois

CAPSat Status 10/19
pass watching

Engineering 491-Introduction to CubeSats students were treated to a CAPSat pass observation while in class today. At roughly 1:20 CDT, CAPSat passed over Urbana and reported in her status. 

Sync Word: 0xeceb
Satellite Time: 2021-10-16 03:59:42 (1634356782)
Battery Voltages: (4.1072755, 4.099219, 4.1040525, 4.0976076)
Battery Temperatures: [24.64238134542353, 25.19141693934347, 20.486994486476704, 25.237468792426682] 

Batteries remain charged up and temperatures are cozy onboard. The team is continuing to bring all of our ground systems on line to begin science operations in the near future.