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Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois

Preparations Continue for CAPSat Deployment and Operations

As the date for CAPSat's deployment from the ISS approaches, work continues on the ground to prepare for the start of spacecraft operations. Operating a spacecraft is a complicated endeavor that requires significant training for operations personnel. Operations training for new LASSI members is underway as we prepare for CAPSat deployment.

Spacecraft operations will be segmented into two parts:

  1. Bus operations
  2. Science operations

Bus operations will consist of ensuring the spacecraft continues to operate nominally. Keeping watch over the power systems, communications system, and internal logs are all critical to ensuring the spacecraft operates for its design lifetime.

Science operations will consist of working with our payload PIs to calibrate sensors and collect baseline data, then to determine which science operations should be performed in what order. This process can be very involved, as the data returned from the science payload will prescribe each future science operation.

We are all excited to begin satellite operations in the new Steven R. Nagel Mission Operations Center. This new extension to Talbot Laboratory will allow us to effectively manage our current and future missions and is set to officially open later this year.